My name is Warren Johnson and my life has been shaped by a deep and longstanding relationship with the natural world. I have lived in Hawai’i for over a decade, and have come to focus my attention and efforts on native bird conservation during that time.

Through my photographs, I hope to share some of the remarkable beauty of the Hawaiian birds and their native habitats. In the process, I also hope to highlight the uniqueness of the Hawaiian avifauna, their once-dominant role in the ecosystem, and, in the case of the Hawaiian honeycreepers, their extraordinary adaptive radiation and coevolution with native plants.

But their beauty and evolutionary history are only part of their story. A photograph is a partial likeness within a limited field of view. There is always more outside the frame. In this case, the photographs were taken in circumscribed protected areas and allude to how much native Hawaiian avifauna and flora have been lost, and how many species continue to decline.

It is my ultimate hope that through these images the birds can share their own stories, including a future that is highly uncertain but not yet written, since we the viewers will help to determine their outcome.